Kent County Power Washing

“Protect Your Investment”

It’s more than a catch-phrase, it can save you thousands!

Why Power Wash

  1. Safety – dirty and moldy sidewalks and pool aprons are not only unsightly, they are also slippery
  2. Health – mold and algae allowed to grow on a structure can find ways to enter the house-often through vent holes in soffits.
  3. Protection-Unwanted grime and growth will deteriorate vinyl, wood and composites.
  4. Curb Appeal – A clean house simply looks GREAT!

Why Hire a Professional

  1. Too much pressure will destroy vinyl, wood and windows causing expensive repairs.
  2. Weekends are precious, what takes the average homeowner a weekend, we can do in 3-4 hours.
  3. Safety-why climb up and down slippery ladders spraying water and soaps at high pressure?

Why Kent County Power Washing, LLC

  1. We are one of the oldest power washing companies in the area with an impeccable track record!
  2. We are not painters, handyman or landscapers who happen to also power wash; we specialize in power washing and we do it right!
  3. We are registered, insured and reputable with a long track record of customer satisfaction and proud member of the Better Business Bureau.
  4. We treat every property as if it were our own.
  5. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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